Doug Stanhope hosts discussions in odd locations with individuals he crosses paths with on the road and in Bisbee, AZ.

Stanhope, Chaille & Chad: The Doug Stanhope Podcast

Chaille and Chad Shank: The Doug Stanhope Podcast

The Doug Stanhope Podcast

Jobi Cooks : The Doug Stanhope Podcast




It's Doug Stanhope's UFC Fight Night in the Fun House, Derrick reads a statement and Chad Shank's Police Beat.

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Recorded Aug 20, 2016 at the Fun House in Bisbee, AZ with Doug Stanhope (@dougstanhope), Jobi (@StanhopesCDP), Chad Shank (@HDFatty), Derrick Barger (@Derrick4Mayor), and Ggreg Chaille (@gregchaille). Produced and Edited by Ggreg Chaille.

Chad Shank's Recommended Dispensary - ReLeaf in Las Vegas, NV -
The Innocence Project -
This episode closes with Mitch Hedberg's set on the Craig Kilborn show (April 1999). Watch more Hedberg clips on YouTube or buy an album on iTunes.
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Digging Up Mother by Doug Stanhope


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  • I fuckin' love Chad Shank!

    posted by: Curtis on 2016-08-25 09:28:20

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