Doug Stanhope hosts discussions in odd locations with individuals he crosses paths with on the road and in Bisbee, AZ.

Ep127: Stanhope, Chaille, Hennigan, Erickson and Radley

Pre Order Doug's book "Digging Up Mother: A Memoir" on AmazonEp. #126: Pilot Wrap Party - Gretchen Baer Signature



The Pilot Wrap Party (pt. 2).
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Recorded Feb.22, 2016 in the Funhouse Studio in Bisbee, AZ with Doug Stanhope (@dougstanhope), Brett Erickson (@brettnotbrent), Brian Hennigan (@MrHennigan), and Ggreg Chaille (@gregchaille).

Make stencil of GRETCHEN's signature and put it on some thrift store art. Post the pics on Doug's twitter or email.


Brian Hennigan - @MrHennigan

Brett Erickson - @brettnotbrent

Brett Erickson's Vimeo clip

Gretchen Baer - @gretchenbaer

Frankie Boyle

Romeo Trattoria Pizzeria Playa Del Carmen -

Transworld Convention

The Dark Backward

Pre Order Doug's book "Digging Up Mother: A Memoir" on Amazon

Brian Hennigan's book, "Patrick Robertson: A Tale Of Adventure" Available now -

"Brian O'Hennigan" song written and performed by Magghie O'Shea - @cavemagghie.

Closing Song, "Eating Alone", by Mishka Shubaly. Available on iTunes.

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  • Irish guy (hennigan?) is a total douchebag Doug.....what you doing what that lame ass?!

    posted by: iron on 2016-03-01 10:52:12

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